eSafety Policy

This eSafety policy sets out our response to the Online Safety Act 2021 and is provided by Ignight Me, ABN 30 662 603 849.

Ignight Me is committed to online safety in Australia.

The Online Safety Act 2021 is new legislation that makes Australia’s existing laws for online safety much more expansive and much stronger. While these laws have several subcategories, we have produced our eSafety Policy in response to restrictions relating to making online pornography only accessible to those aged 18 years and above.

The Online Safety Act 2021 represents a fresh set of laws that significantly broadens and strengthens Australia’s existing online safety regulations. Within this legislation, various subcategories address distinct aspects of online safety. In response to the limitations surrounding access to online pornography for individuals aged 18 years and above, we have formulated our eSafety Policy.

Platform Objective:

  • We offer our customers an interactive digital product catalogue, enabling them to make well-informed purchases.
  • Our goal is not to arouse or excite our customers during their decision-making process. Instead, our product copy focuses on providing factual information.

Product Content:

  • We specialize in the sale of adult novelty products, lingerie, lubricants, and related accessories acquired from worldwide manufacturers.
  • We acknowledge that certain products may contain uncensored content within their packaging as a part of their marketing materials.

Image Content:

  • The product and packaging images are sourced from the product manufacturer.
  • We make every effort to censor overtly sexual human nudity to the greatest extent possible.
  • We do not censor non-human product images.

Video Content:

  • The product manufacturer may provide video content primarily focused on showcasing the product and offering a censored, simulated sexual experience to demonstrate its usage.

We believe that the measures we have implemented to safeguard online safety are suitable for the content sought by our customers. Our products cater to an adult audience, and we firmly believe that adults should have the freedom to access and view such materials online. However, we also take responsible steps to restrict access to overtly sexual content for minors.

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