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Hens and Bachelor Parties

Hens and bachelor parties, also known as bachelorette and bachelor parties, are celebrations held before a wedding to commemorate the bride and groom's last days of single life. These parties often include various products and accessories to enhance the festive and playful atmosphere. At Ignight Me we have a wide range of hens party toys and bachelor party toys. We stock balloons, banners, and signs with fun and cheeky messages related to the bride or groom's upcoming wedding. We stock a variety of games and activities that can be played during the party, often with a humorous or adult twist. Examples include scavenger hunts, truth or dare games, and drinking games. We carry sashes for the bride, bridesmaids, or groom, with phrases like "Bride-to-Be," "Maid of Honor," or "Groom's Crew." If that’s not enough why not try our adult toys, games, or novelties for more risqué parties, such as adult-themed board games, straws, or decorations. Our hens party toys also consist of a range of penis whistles, ice cube trays and straws which are always a sure winner.