Dr Stephanie Azri Relationship Therapist, Accredited Sexologist & Author

Meet our Relationship Therapist, Accredited Sexologist & Author: Dr Stephanie Azri.

Marriage Counsellor Brisbane South

I am many things. I hold many hats, and I make no apology for any of them, but before I tell you more about my approach and values, let me tell you about my professional background.

I am a clinical social worker specialising in women’s issues and relationship counselling. I am an accredited clinical sexologist with a passion for supporting men and women to have a fulfilling sexuality. My knowledge and skills are drawn from decades of tertiary studies, undertaking professional development and clinical supervision, as well as my personal experiences. As a woman, I began my journey quite young and became a mother at 21. The birth of six children had an impact on my understanding of womanhood, motherhood, and relationships over the last couple of decades.

In 2002, the death of my daughter Talina taught me that no amount of qualifications could prepare you for that level of trauma and pain, and I began to explore my understanding of women’s journeys when experiencing trials, challenges and trauma that they had limited control of. This passion for women’s recoveries, healing and pregnancy/parenting started my ride as an international self-help author and as a clinician in private practice.  From there, I began to train even more to ensure that I could assist women and families to the best of my abilities and to the degree they deserved, through both relationships and separations which came in handy when I made the difficult decision to terminate my twenty-five-year marriage in 2018.

After a few years of family therapy, I began to notice couples had a great need for support when things didn’t go according to plan. My interest in couple therapy and sexology developed hand in hand (after all, show me ONE couple who doesn’t talk about sex!). I pursued a clinical accreditation in sexology and broadened my horizons by starting Beenleigh Couple Therapy (now Relationships 180), a clinic for couples of all walks of life and all types of issues. As a clinician, I am constantly upskilling myself with further training and have developed quite a passionate stance on relationship dynamics and sexuality. By combining my professional attributes with existing liberal and open minded personal views, I am able to provide ethical, efficient, non-threatening and positive services to women, couples and families that will assist you in making life-affirming changes in your relationship, improve your sexual connection with yourself and/or a partner and guide you towards self-discovery.

 My Experience

  • Twenty years’ experience managing frontline Health services in women’s health, mental health and clinical social work for government and non-government organisations.
  • Fifteen years’ experience providing private practice services for women, couples and families as well as running resilience groups for kids.
  • Ten years’ experience as an editor for multiple academic journals, a blind reviewer and other writing responsibilities
  • Seven years’ experience working as an academic for multiple universities, including teaching, tutoring and marking master’s level students.
  • Three years’ experience assisting AASW with applications for credentialing, articles etc.

My Education

  • Advanced Diploma of Education
  • Bachelor of Human Services (Family welfare)
  • Bachelor of Social Work
  • Master of Health (Women’s health and Sexology)
  • PhD in Clinical Social Work (Women and Counselling)
  • Cert IV in Training and Assessment
  • Multiple certificates with QLD Centre for Mental Health Learning, Mental Health Academy, Society of Australian Sexologists
  • Trained in CBT, DBT, interpersonal therapy, logotherapy, motivational interviewing, sexology, grief and loss, psychopathology, behavioural therapy, client-centred therapy, Mindfulness, EMDR, and family and couple counselling.
  • Gottman Level 1 accredited
  • EFT for Couples trained
  • EMDR qualified

For general enquiries either visit my website at https://stephanieazri.com/ phone 0403 774 459  or email  hello@stephanieazri.com

Located at 10 James St, Beenleigh