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Oral gels and sprays are products that some individuals may choose to use during oral sex, such as giving a "blowjob" or "head job," for various reasons. These sprays are typically designed to have a numbing or desensitizing effect on the oral mucosa or throat, and they are used with the intention of prolonging sexual activity or reducing sensitivity. Some individuals may use oral sprays with numbing agents (like lidocaine or benzocaine) to delay ejaculation in order to prolong sexual pleasure for both partners. The numbing effect of these sprays can help reduce sensitivity in the mouth and throat, making it easier for the person performing oral sex to engage in deep-throating or oral sex for an extended period. For some people, oral gels and sprays can help reduce the discomfort associated with deep-throating, particularly if they have a sensitive gag reflex. Individuals who want to extend the duration of oral sex may use these products to help improve their stamina. Some people may enjoy the sensation or experience of using oral gels and sprays during oral sex, finding that it adds an element of novelty or excitement to the activity. At Ignight Me we carry a wide range of oral gels and sprays for every occasion.