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Cleaners, Douches & Enemas

Personal wellness and sexual health are important, and it's essential to maintain proper hygiene when using sex toys and considering related products like douches. Playtime can get dirty but your toys should always stay clean. We have a range of sex toys cleaners which are always a healthier alternative to everyday soap and water. Their unique cleansing agents gently cleans and disinfects surface bacteria, yet are mild enough to use every time. Use every time it’s toy time to sanitise, freshen and protect your intimate investments. This skin-safe cleaner is a must have for every toy box. Do you like anal sex? Then an anal douche cleaner maybe for you. Use a douche cleaner before or after anal sex in order to clean out your anus from the inside. The anal douche or enema bulb is a handy tool with which you can clean your anus in a safe and fun way. The anal douche cleaner is suitable for him and her. For most douche or enema bulbs just fill the reservoir with lukewarm water and squeeze the ball in order to spray the liquid. Carefully insert the anal douche cleaner or enema into your anus and squeeze the reservoir until it's empty. Now press all the liquid out of your anus. You are now fully anally cleansed!Β At Ignight Me we carry a wide range of products including top brands such as Fetish, Evolved, Doc Johnson, Cleanstream and Wicked!